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We built this list of incredible gear with one goal in mind - helping you comfortably navigate the globe. Below you will find all of our favorite stuff we take with us on trips, be it a quick weekend getaway or an ambitious yearlong trip around the world. Are we missing any of your "must-have" gear? Please let us know!
As you move from city to city or from the hostel to the beach - you are going to need several different types of bags to easily carry all of the essentials around with you.
Sometimes, it's all about the little things. The $5 cord to connect your iPod to the bus cruising into the outback blaring "Do you come from a land down under"?
Worrying about your favorite gear back at the hostel while you are mixing with a group of locals at a rocking street party is no way to spend any trip abroad.
For many, staying connected abroad is not an option. It's a lot easier to update your blog or share your pictures with friends and family if you travel with your own silicon chips.
Unfortunately, memories slowly fade and experiences are soon forgotten. Luckily photography captures everything you see and allows you to share it immediately and for an eternity.
No longer used just to accept a call from home or meet up with a local, phones can now be used for portable photography, maps, guidebooks, wifi and so much more!
When you don't have a huge closet, nor a laundry machine down the hall and your week involves hiking the Inca Trail - your clothing needs to be multi-functional and high tech.
Walk on a hot Brazilian Beach. Hike to Everest Base Camp. Stroll around Manhattan. Shoes for the hot dinner date with the local tour guide you met this morning - check.
Need a pack that you won't always have to check, but still holds a ton of gear for your adventures? The Osprey Atmos has your back!
While traveling, your backpack is much more than a place to stash your clothing. If you're looking to pack extra gear - choose the Aether.
Don't let the smaller size fool you, we've met plenty of women on the road who are able to easily live out of this bag for months at a time.
With enough space for your full makeup kit and a modest collection of stilettos, this pack is for those who want to have the conveniences from home on the road with you.
To stress or not to stress? That is the question. When traveling, your clothes should be last on your "worry list" - a clothing organizer is your answer.
Don't make yourself an "outcast." Stay "so fresh and so clean, clean…" with a handy bathroom kit readily available and accessible!
After trekking the Tongariro Alpine, the last thing you'll want is your roughed-up kicks dirtying up your fresh threads.  Use this bag to help accommodate both your shoes and their "gunk."
Like a well-kept secret, dirty clothes need to be as contained and suppressed as possible. Give yourself some "space," and use this air removal bag for all your "dirty little secrets."
You will need a sturdy bag to keep your personal belongings and valuables close.  It will also double as your day bag while touring. This product is "kid-tested, Brad & Will approved."
"Lookin' good, Mr. Kata!" This all-inclusive bag can hold everything from camera gear, a laptop, and all your other electronics you have lying around, with no place to go.
Need a small, compact, and light day bag to stuff in your pack and use for all of your daily adventures? Know which day bag to buy, and stick with REI.
Waterproof all of your valuables with this small dry sack, and leave any of your worries and "deep sea blues"  behind.
For your larger and heftier valuables, bring along this large dry sack and keep them protected from the elements, so that the only "most important" valuable you have to worry about is yourself!
For all of those times you want to explore a foregin city without feeling like a foreigner, it is amazing how a simple bag completely changes your demeanor.
For a man or woman on a budget, these "buds" will quickly become your "best friends" in a room full of hostel hooligans.
Willing to spend a little bit more dough to feel a "rise" in your audio experience? These Senheisers should be music to your ears!
For the audio aficionado in all of us, Ultimate Ears will get your ear "drums" into the action every time you kick up the jams!
In these days of technology, besides sharing a romantic plate of spaghetti, there's no better icebreaker than sharing a nice "headphone split" with a friend to listen to videos, movies, or your favorite playlists! 
Stuck in a rental as your "radio scanner" busts its buttons to find a station? Plug in a Car Auxiliary Adapter and find your perfect cruising song to save the day.
When you need to throw a small party or simply want to rock out to your go-to tunes, these mini speakers will be sure to give you maximal results for your jam session.
Every traveler needs a power adapter, but don't be fooled by all the different options - all adapters are created equally. Buy this super inexpensive, yet functional adapter, and "adapt" to anything that comes your way.
Purchase a power strip and rid yourself of any problems concerning finding enough outlets for your "gizmos, gadgets, and odds and ends." Feel the POWER…even when traveling. 
Whether you're outdoors, in a hostel dorm room, or mining for gold, hit the jackpot with this excellent, hands-free flashlight that will be sure to light the way.
Have you been framed? You will need a good pair of shades as you travel from place to place, so might as well "get caught" looking good!
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's laundry detergent! When you find yourself in a bind and are running out of clothing, these powdered packages will come to your rescue and save the day.
Make your own instant wash basin with this Drain/Sink Stopper, and put a stop to those endless piles of dirty clothes!
You better "watch" yourself! Get a decent watch for telling apart different time zones or for the essential alarm clock, and get your day started right. Time is precious, so don't waste any of it asking other people about it.
Let the "Sleep Sack" give you more sweet dreams than nightmares, with the knowledge that you are free from dirt and germs. Wherever you go, sleep "sacked and sound."
When memories seem to just fade, remember your epic journeys by jotting down your feelings, and doing it the "write" way.
Packs down as small as a hankerchief and still manages to get you dry like the your favorite turkish bath towel back at home. This travel towel is a must have for all backpackers.
Struglling to find some "ZZZss" on that overnight bus or train? Secure all of your valuables under your belt line and snooze away!
Tired of having all of that gobbly gook from your shampoo bottle leaking out over all of your gear. Lock it away in the leak-proof GoToob and have no fear!
You're bound to meet new friends every day on the road. Carrying cards with your contact info makes it easy to connect and stay in touch forever.
Hats are great to protect you from the elements on bright sunny days or when that monsoon rain won't go away. Pick your favorite team and watch how many strangers strike up conversation with you!
Need to rid yourself of the hostel funk before a night on the town? This tiny rollerball fragrance from VS is just what you need to freshen up.
Is it possible that your 16-bed shared hostel room will not have a mirror? Yes. Is it still possible to stand out at the hostel bar? Yes.
Doubling as a weapon against 18-year-old hostel boy intruders, this hot iron will freshen up your look after a long day of hiking.
Easy, reliable, and convenient, there is no doubt that you and the Master Pad Lock would make the perfect "combination." Preferred over the traditional circular combo for security.
"Walk the walk and 'lock the lock.'" When checking in your bag or for everyday use on the zippers to your backpack, secure your belongings and yourself in knowing that you have this lock at the ready.
"Securrrrrity!" Use this handy cable lock when you want to travel safe and secure. Attach your things to any stationary object and prevent others from getting "Bon Qui Qui crazy."
Need both protection and immobility for your big pack? Have no fear, the PacSafe lock is here.
Go go gadget [insert app here]! Have Facebook, emails, calendars, contacts, and even your guilty pleasure TV shows, all at your finger tips.
Like your computer to be as fast and skinny as your morning "Tall Peppermint Mocha?" Allow yourself the comforts of a full keyboard, yet keep "bulk" at a minimum, by simply getting a Macbook Air.
Go on, take a closer look. For the on-the-road photo processor, video producer, and web guru alike, the MacBook Pro will quickly become the "Apple" of your eye!
Want to back up all of your amazing photos and video, and guarantee they make it back home safely with you? Luckily, the perfect solution isn't "hard" to find at all - a trusty hard drive will be your lifesaver. 
With all that your laptop does for you, the least you can do is keep it clean and protected. Just pick your color and worry not about the just "incases" that could arise along the way - either way, you're both COVERED!
Traveling brings to life the places you thought only existed in your dreams. Photography preserves them. As in any adventure, you must always be "armed" with the best, most up-to-date, and efficient photography equipment there is. To think, the power to inspire others in exploring this wonderful world, lies simply in the palm of your hands!
Chances are, anyone embarking on the trip of their dreams, aims to maintain and sustain each memory inasmuch stunning detail and authenticity, as the original experience itself. We strongly believe that investing in a "serious camera,"
will help recreate such special moments to last you a lifetime. The use of any or all of the four cameras below will guarantee that you come home with praiseworthy, and possibly even award-winning, pictures!
A full featured SLR camera that produces excellent shots and is perfect for the traveler who is new to photography. This was our "serious" camera on our RTW trip in 2009.
Easier to control and far superior in low-light shots than the "starter" model, we are currently both carrying the D7000, the predecessor to the new D7100.
If you have the cash and don't mind carrying a little extra weight - the D800 has very few limitations and allows you to produce very professional shots.
No need to reflect on this one. This "mirror-less," relatively tiny camera, is one of a new breed. These lightweight companions will one day replace all of the clunkier SLR cameras.
If you only want one lens, simplifying your shooting experience is a snap. Prepare yourself for almost any shot with this extremely versatile lens. This is our trusted "go-to" lens, hands down.
Can't quite fit the Eiffel Tower in your viewfinder? This is the lens for you.  Just picture all the fun you can have by taking photographs with that much coverage. Bring it on, Burj Khalifa!
For food and people portrait perfection, feast your eyes on a lens that has incredible depth of field and the perfect mid-range. We use this lens and we dare you not to fall in love--with the lens, of course.
From "wascally wabbits" to beautiful birds, photographers actually "shoot" to ENLIVEN. "Capture" those memorable, yet fleeting, wildlife moments by using this picture-perfect lens.
Call it the "Swiss Army Phone" gadget of the 21st century. With an awesome camera and a plethora of other features, the iPhone is a minimalist traveler's (and aspiring photographer's) dream come true.
Want a camera you can take anywhere in your pocket, not be worried about theft, and still take good pictures even in extreme conditions? You'll find the Galaxy S4 to be simply out of this world.
Feening for a camera that's inexpensive, super easy to use, has great quality, and enough features to get creative? Make this your "after hours" camera and you'll never be too upset if you "forgot" where you left it.
Mix one bathing suit and one Olympus TG-1. Next, add water and let the fun begin. This camera is a blast and an absolute must-buy for both the butterfingered and water-lovers, alike.
Don't underestimate its compact size! This HD Video Camera packs a powerful punch. Think bungee, skiing, scenic driving, and even snorkeling, and be a part of the "GoPro Movement."
The difference between a "sham-WOW" and a "sham-UGH" of a picture lies within your cleaning cloth supply. Snag a few of these cloths, and you're bound to snag an epic photo or two, in the process!
Small, lightweight, easy to cary and a good compromise between carrying a full size tripod and arriving back home to find out you are in zero of the photos.
Manfrotto is the "MAN." As one of the best tripods around, you can take night shots, indoor shots, and shots of yourself and a few friends, and you will never have to be "missing" from a photo ever again.
Without this crucial accessory, your tripod is nothing more than an expensive walking stick. Complete your National Geographic setup with this versatile ballhead.
Sign up for Skype and you'll never lose touch. Free unlimited calls home and video wherever wifi is available? You'll have people at "hello."
Want to shed all the complexities of a smart phone, but still give yourself mobility? The simple Samsung Quad Band will be sure to set you free.
There's no "I" in "phone cards." The iPhone has YOU completely in mind. With close to an unlimited list of features and apps, you will be doing a lot more than talking or counting down minutes!
Let the stars align and shoot for the Galaxy S4! Connect wirelessly everywhere you go, to make sure loved ones know where you are and what you're doing, from anywhere in the world.
Buy a couple Under Armour Tech Shortsleeves, and feel the power of protection from all kinds of elements. Drys quickly after washing in the sink and breathes easily on the trail.
Go 50/50 on comfort and class by loading up on a few of these classic t-shirts. These comfortable shirts will help you feel "normal" in foreign places.
Don't be "afraid" to walk in the Hurley Phantom WalkShorts - they are hip and comfy to use daily, yet swanky enough to dress to impress.
Need more pockets to fill? With the REI Sahara Cargo Short, keep all your valuables and miscellaneous items conveniently close at hand - literally.
Everybody looks good in a convertible - and no, not just the top-down, "wind in your face" convertibles, but the REI Sahara Convertibles that allow you to change from pants to shorts in a matter of seconds.
For a higher end, better quality "convertible," North Face will be your perfect fit!
Take the straight road to style and super savings - buy H&M Straight Leg Jeans. Satisfaction guaranteed.
These Original Fit Jeans are multi-functional, comfortable, and one of the best all-around. Jeans ain' nothin' but a number - go with 501.
Looking for a lightweight, compact, waterproof jacket? There's no greater addition to your trip - than Precip!
When Mother Nature's different temperaments put you to the test, all you need is the REI Taku Jacket, and you'll be sure to pass and weather each storm with flying colors!
You'll be surprised how often you'll need an extra layer, whether its on a plane or bus, while hiking, or simply out exploring. So get one of these and zip it…zip it good.
If you're going somewhere chilly, make sure to give your hands some good "glovin'" with these Power Stretch gloves.
If you're looking for a good hat to keep you warm, we've got you covered with the Alki'i Cube.
Be ready for any weather war and protect yourself with a good pair of long underwear by Under Armour.
5. Don't Forget
Just like the original "wigwam" dwellings of the past - a shelter for all kinds of conditions, so too are these well-engineered socks. Perfect for all kinds of weather, Wigwams keep feet "cool like Little Snow Bear."
Let's keep this brief - boxer brief. For durability, comfort, and long-lasting freshness, ExOfficio is made for expeditioners.
I got 99 problems but a BEACH ain't one! Look and feel cool with the high quality Hurley Phantom bathing suit. Hit me.
Don't get caught walking to the communal hostel bathroom in your skimpys, sleep in these lightweight shorts and you'll be good-to-go. Bonus: Also doubles as formal breakfast attire.
Cool and comfy for exploring the outdoors - this fashionable tank top is perfect for those days spent exploring mother nature. You can even catch a bit of a tan!
Lightweight, breathable and dries quickly after a quick scrubbing in the bathroom sink. This is the ultimate tee for long-term travel.
Multipurpose comfort. Great for casual dinner with new friends, lounging around the hostel and even as a top to sleep in. You will want to pack a couple of these.
Lots of looks, minimal pack space. A pair of simple shorts will become your new best friend while on the road. Every day you will explore new places together and experience unbelievable new things.
Whether you're looking for a little warmth or a bit more coverage, these stretchy pants from Lululemon have you "covered". Great for wearing on all of those travel days.
While agreeably not the most stylish pants on the planet, you can't beat convertibles for their function - which you will definitely appreciate while exploring the outdoors.
Legally you are allowed to wear convertibles to the hostel bar, but if you crave the attention you are used to back home, this dress will fit you much better. Also works well for any places that require more formal dress.
For all of those times you just want to dress "normal" while you are thousands of miles away from home, slip on these skinny jeans and be you.
Keeps you dry when it rains and protects you from the cold when it finds you. The vented sides come in handy when it is blistering hot outside and raining (think Amazon Rainforest).
Stay protected like the weatherman covering the hurricane on tv with this top-of-the-line rain jacket from Mountain Hardwear.
You'll be surprised how often you'll need an extra layer, whether its on a plane or bus, while hiking, or simply out exploring. So get one of these and zip it…zip it good.
If you're going somewhere chilly, make sure to give your hands some good "glovin'" with these Power Stretch gloves.
Both cute and comfortable, this basic beanie keeps your whole body warm while trying to crash on those cold camping nights.
You never know when these warm undies are going to save the day by allowing you to brave the cold and see something life changing.
5. Don't Forget
Perfect for hiking or for warming your little footsies up when the bus driver is blasting the AC on your overnight journey.
Shhhh! Don't tell anyone, but you can wear these little guys for multiple days without washing them. They also dry in about an hour, just in case you ever feel like they need a cleaning.
Travel involves a lot more activity than sitting in your chair at the office or in the classroom. You'll definitely appreciate this extra support when jumping up and down with joy at the top of Mt. Kili!
Be prepared for whatever comes at you while traveling around the globe. You can wear this sexy bra multiple different ways - just adjust or remove the straps and voila!
5. More Don't Forget
It wouldn't quite feel like a holiday without a little beach action. Don't be caught without a styling suit to show off your newly acquired fit self from all of those long travel hikes.
Your normal bedtime attire might not work in a 16-person shared hostel room. These comfortable shorts have you covered and double as athletic shorts during the day.
Hallelujah for Havianas. Anyone who owns a pair can testify to their comfortability, compactness, and overall "cool" factor! Wherever you are with these flip-flops, consider yourself "saved."
This pair of leather sandals is the only "Rainbow" connection you'll need. Grab a pair of these and feel like you're walking amidst the clouds.
For a dependable shoe that is lightweight, compact, and enduring, "climb every mountain" with Merrell.
If you're going to do any bit of serious hiking, you'll want to think about bring some serious hiking shoes. And when you start thinking about it, think about these awesome Salomon's.
Feel like an "All-Star" every day with these comfy, classic, Converse sneakers.
Be a happy "Camper" and go for these comfortable and durable leather-clad Peu sneakers, made for almost every occasion.
The Plimsolls are flat for easy packing, light, and hip - what more could you ask for in a "sole" mate?
"Tweadle" dee, "Tweadle" dum, if versatility is what you seek, then let this shoe be your "go to" one. Perfect for travel!
Hallelujah for Havianas. Anyone who owns a pair can testify to their comfortability, compactness, and overall "cool" factor! Wherever you are with these flip-flops, consider yourself "saved."
This pair of leather sandals is the only "Rainbow" connection you'll need. Grab a pair of these and feel like you're walking amidst the clouds.
If you are keen to protect your pedicure and let your feet breathe in the cool air, the Newport H2's will have you covered! Or at least your toes.
Not every girl's dream shoe has heels. Not only will you look like you know how to hike, but these Merrel's will out perform any athletic shoe when you decide to escape the city and take in some outdoors.
Not all Crocs are created equal. Slip on these flats and only the keenest eye will know its just a rubber sole. Keep the Crocs comfort and get a little style while you're at it.
No need to confuse things with these simple flats that come in a variety of colors and take up very little room in your bag. You can't argue with simplicity... or comfort!
Compact, fashionable, and versatile sneakers. These shoes won't have you running as fast as a Puma, but at least you'll look good.
These shoes are much more than boat worthy. They'll keep you casually trendy about town and equally ready to jump on to anything that might pass you by - like a boat.

What you bring with you is incredibly important and that is exactly why I am passionate about all of the travel gear on this page.

There are three items I would never travel without - my Patagonia Zip-up, my Rainbow Sandals and my Nikon D7000.
We are two travelers who have quit our jobs and traveled the world once before. While packing our bags for our next big adventure, we really wanted to share all of our favorite travel gear to help others preparing for trips of their own.

We have been lucky enough to have traveled tons and now its our turn to arm you with the very best travel tips and advice. Our goal is to not only inspire, but to back up the day-dreaming with real-world advice that will give you the confidence to conquer your travel dreams.

AbsoluteVisit Gear is dedicated to providing you with all of the best travel gear that we personally endorse as being ideal for just about any trip. In fact, most of the items on the site we use on a daily basis while traveling and we are confident that you'll find them just as useful as we do.

Never hesitate to get in touch with us - we would love to help you in any way that we can.

Learn more about Will & Brad here.

I know how small your pack appears at first and I want to help you find the perfect gear to fill your precious little space.

If you looked inside of my pack today, you would find it filled with Nikon camera gear, Hurley bathing suits and a large supply of basic t-shirts!
The Top 100 Places in the World
1 Great Wall of China
2 Pyramids of Egypt
3 Machu Picchu
4 Serengeti Migration
5 Galapagos Islands
6 Grand Canyon
7 Angkor Temples
8 Antarctica Cruise
9 Taj Mahal
10 Iguazu Falls
11 Amazon Rain Forest
12 Great Barrier Reef
13 Bora Bora
14 Victoria Falls
15 Bagan
16 Petra
17 Potala Palace
18 Karnak
19 Mt Everest
20 Cappadocia
21 St Peters Basilica
22 Fjords of Norway
23 Jerusalem Old City
24 Burj Khalifa
25 Borobudur
26 Forbidden City
27 Kashmir Valley
28 Li River Cruise
29 Ladakh
30 Alhambra
31 Louvre Museum
32 Perito Moreno Glac.
33 Banaue Terraces
34 Colosseum of Rome
35 Easter Island
36 Venice Canals/Alleys
37 Kathmandu Valley
38 Wat Phra Kaew
39 Yellowstone NP
40 Pompeii
41 Rio Panoramic View
42 Palace of Versailles
43 Dubrovnik
44 Golden Temple
45 St. Basils Cathedral
46 Vatican Museum
47 Florence Cityscape
48 Acropolis
49 Amalfi Coast Drive
50 Kremlin
51 Hong Kong View
52 TerraCotta Warriors
53 Mezquita Cordoba
54 Chichen Itza
55 Damascus Old City
56 Shwedagon Stupa
57 Sahara Desert
58 Mont St Michel
59 St. Marks Square
60 Egyptian Museum
61 Hagia Sophia
62 Angel Falls
63 Delphi
64 Teotihuacan
65 Baalbek
66 Banff NP
67 Santorini
68 Matterhorn
69 New York Skyline
70 Neuschwanstein
71 Chartres Cathedral
72 British Museum
73 Prague Old Town
74 Burj al Arab
75 Yangtze River Cruise
76 Yosemite NP
77 Hermitage Museum
78 Torres del Paine
79 Chambord Chateau
80 Lijiang
81 Portofino
82 Great Ocean Road
83 Tongariro Alpine
84 Las Vegas Strip
85 Tikal
86 Topkapi Palace
87 Sydney Opera House
88 Eiffel Tower
89 Luxor Temple
90 Kerala Backwaters
91 Golden Gate Bridge
92 Cinque Terre
93 Metropolitan Mus
94 Uffizi Gallery
95 Ayers Rock
96 Cliffs of Moher
97 Pacific Coast Hwy
98 Shanghai Skyline
99 Glacier Bay NP
100 Wulingyuan
Cappadocia  Cappadocia, Turkey
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