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Adolescent Spinning – Ladakh, India


Photo of the Day – Adolescent Spinning – Ladakh, India

I’m not sure this child fully understood the meaning behind spinning these stationary buddhist prayer wheels, however as he walked slowly down the row of golden cylinders he spun them with a focus tantamount to the elderly that passed before him, creating a powerful scene for me as I watched silently through my camera’s lens.

Adolescent Spinning - Ladakh, India

Children of Angkor – Temples of Angkor – Siem Reap, Cambodia


Photo of the Day – Children of Angkor – Temples of Angkor – Siem Reap, Cambodia

While exploring the temples at Angkor you will interact with a countless number of beautiful and playful young girls who will befriend you – in a somehow not at all bothersome way – in hopes that you will give them some money in exchange for simple crafts that they are carrying around. The girls are full of smiles and are very fun to play little games with (like how many languages can you say hello in – warning: you have no chance at winning). Strangely, people who at first you think would be a distraction from the sites, turn out to be a highlight by the end of your trip.

Several days after I left Siem Reap I came across this picture on my memory card. The girl’s serious faces were very different than I remembered. They carried a depth to them that led me to think about what it must be like to grow up one generation removed from a horrific genocide that ripped their country apart. That is a life that I can not even imagine.

The young children of Angkor serve as a constant reminder to me that no matter how tough your situation might be, you can always put a smile on your face and enjoy every minute of wherever you find yourself.

Children of Angkor - Temples of Angkor - Siem Reap, Cambodia

Human Balance Beam – Shanghai Acrobats – Shanghai, China


Photo of the Day – Human Balance Beam – Shanghai Acrobats – Shanghai, China

I am honestly not even really sure what to say about this, but … WOW! When I look at this photo I keep looking at each individual man and what they must be focusing on to make sure this works – intense, right?

I must say I’m also a huge fan of this photo thanks to the AbsoluteVisit orange :)

Human Balance Beam - Shanghai Acrobats - Shanghai, China

Big Icy Snack – Near Thai Border, Cambodia


Photo of the Day – Big Icy Snack – Near Thai Border, Cambodia

Shortly after departing from the Cambodian-Thai border on our way from Bangkok to Angkor Wat, our bus stopped alongside the dusty road to allow the tourists to stock up on essentials (water, pringles, oreo’s, etc…) before making the bumpy journey to Siem Reap. Like all tourist bus stops (traps) in Southeast Asia, we sat idle far longer than necessary – waiting on the driver to eat his comped meal.

Will and I wandered on down the street, curiously taking our first look at Cambodians going about their daily routines. On our walk we saw this young boy trying to chew on this big ice block that he found in his mom’s cooler.

Big Icy Snack - Near Thai Border, Cambodia

Tai Chi with Swords at the Temple of Heaven – Beijing, China


Photo of the Day – Tai Chi with Swords at the Temple of Heaven – Beijing, China

The Temple of Heaven is the most interesting people watching park in the world. It is full of couples dancing, individuals playing different games, and groups doing Tai Chi. With all of this in mind, I was a bit thrown off to see a group of middle-aged people wielding swords as they performed graceful Tai Chi routines.

This group would have been fantastic to have on your side in the middle ages.

Tai Chi with Swords at the Temple of Heaven - Beijing, China

Merced Market Thumbs Up – Mexico City, Mexico


Photo of the Day – Merced Market Thumbs Up – Mexico City

The Merced Market in Mexico City is an adventure travelers urban dream. Not only is is stocked full of animal parts that most have never laid eyes on before, but it also has an interactive audience that is either haggling you with shouts of “take my picture” or is telling you “don’t take a picture of me.” Either way, the market workers were enthralled not only with the 2 gringos (Brad and I) wandering the market, but also our cameras. Having this type of attention is not really what we like as it creates an uneasy feeling as you are trying to take it all in. After being warned by one local to “be careful with the cameras,” we realized that this may not have been the best of ideas.

Fortunately, we made it through just find and came away with several incredible pictures like today’s. Clearly in the photo, the workers here were asking for their photo to be taken and I captured them starring into the camera with the various meats for sale all around them.

Merced Market Thumbs Up - Mexico City

Vietnamese Bayonet March – Hanoi, Vietnam


Photo of the Day – Vietnamese Bayonet March – Hanoi, Vietnam

When we first visited the Northern Vietnamese city of Hanoi, Will and I spent one morning exploring the various Ho Chi Minh sites the country had created to honor the late communist revolutionary leader. The Museum, the Mausoleum and the “vestige” area all felt a bit scripted as if they were created to paint Ho Chi Minh in a very carefully focused light to modern day visitors. After spending a few days touring around Vietnam you develop a skepticism for the authenticity of anything you see that is related to the government or the war.

Feeling unexcited by what we had come to see, both of us were pleasantly surprised when a group of bayonet wielding soldiers began authoritatively marching around the grounds for no good reason at all. Looking through the focused barrel of my camera lens, I caught one of the soldiers staring me in the eyes and for a split second I thought I had been identified as enemy #1 – American :)

Vietnamese Bayonet March - Hanoi, Vietnam

Driving the Dubai Dunes – Dubai, UAE


Photo of the Day – Driving the Dubai Dunes – Dubai, UAE

On our trip to Dubai in June of 2012, we took a Dunes Tour where a driver took us outside of Dubai and out into the dunes. The trip was a lot of fun as the driver battled the sand up, down and on the side of giant sand dunes. I was sitting in the back while Brad manned the front seat. I snapped this photo as the 4×4 was sliding down a dune and the driver battled to keep us on top of the dune. But, as you can see from the photo, he was not having to fight too hard for it as he often operated with one hand!

Driving the Dubai Dunes - Dubai, UAE

Khan el-Khalili Bazaar – Cairo, Eygpt


Photo of the Day – Khan el-Khalili Bazaar – Cairo, Eygpt

I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t dream of visiting The Great Pyramids of Egypt at some point in their life. The Pyramids are absolutely amazing, but a visit to Cairo offers much more than just those massive sandy geometrical structures. One of the finest museums in the world – The Egyptian Museum – is located a few miles from the pyramids and nearby you can also find some very interesting markets, including Khan el-Khalili which is featured in todays photo of the day.

Khan el-Khalili Bazaar - Cairo, Eygpt

Spinning Tanoura Dancer – Dubai, UAE


Photo of the Day – Spinning Tanoura Dancer – Dubai, UAE

On our last night in Dubai, Brad and I took a pretty cool dune trip which included some authentic dining and dancing to round out the evening. The first dance was performed by a man roughly my age, but I had never seen this style of dancing – its called Tanoura.

The focal point of the dance was the constant spinning of the performer – he literally spun the entire dance which was roughly 10 minutes. How he didn’t fall over after just 30 seconds of this is beyond me, but it was amazing!

In this shot, he actually removed a type of skirt that he was wearing (yes he had clothes on underneath) and began to also spin and throw it into the air. Certainly unique.

Spinning Tanoura Dancer - Dubai, UAE
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