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Discover Myanmar – Featured on Cheeky Chicago


Discover Myanmar – Featured on Cheeky Chicago

Last Thursday (March 21st), a short article we wrote on traveling to Myanmar was featured on Cheeky Chicago. The piece highlights why a trip to Myanmar might be the best idea for your next international adventure!

If you have any questions about how we traveled around Myanmar, please feel free to leave them in the comments and we will try our best to answer them!

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Down under the Teak Bridge – Amarapura, Myanmar


AV Trip Photo – Down under the Teak Bridge – Amarapura, Myanmar

As the sun raced towards the horizon as it seems to do in the final minutes of a sunset, I scrambled to find this unique perspective, down under the teak bridge. The Teak Bridge in Amarapura, Myanmar – just outside of Mandalay, Myanmar – is certainly a must see while in Mandalay. To further that, we highly recommend not just walking the bridge, but exploring the area around it as well!

Just under and next to the bridge you’ll see rice patties, fisherman, and unfortunately trash. A lot of trash. At first this took my eye of what was really in front of me, but ultimately I saw through it. The golden orange rays of the sun shined brightly on the bridge and its ancient support structure. The orange hue illuminated the sky, the wood of the bridge, and my eye as I looked through my camera lens. It was a beautiful sunset despite the trash that lay all around me.

Down under the Teak Bridge - Amarapura, Myanmar

Golden Teak Bridge Sunset – Amarapura, Myanmar


AV Trip Photo – Golden Teak Bridge Sunset – Amarapura, Myanmar

The U Bein Bridge (or Teak Bridge) is the longest teak bridge in the world at 1.2 km and offers a wonderful sunset experience as well. At the end of the bridge is Kyauktawgyi Paya which streams monks across the bridge at all hours of the day, but especially at dusk. As the sun continues to drop towards the horizon, the activity seems to pick up. There are rowers taking tourists out for a view from the water, there are monks making their way to the Paya, there are locals selling goods on the bridge, and there are tourists walking the bridge and enjoying the sunset.

As we fit well into the last group, Brad and I actually took a different approach and admired the bridge from the side and below it where we had an awesome perspective on just how big and just how busy the bridge really was. To top it off, we had a magnificent sunset which highlighted the spectacle in front of us.

Golden Teak Bridge Sunset - Amarapura, Myanmar

AV Trip Blog – Bagan Visit – AbsoluteVisit #15


Bagan Visit, AV #15

Bagan Temples Myanmar - AbsoluteVisit - Travel

Endless Temples Dot The Landscape

Our curiosity about Bagan (AV #15) started when we first visited Angkor Wat (AV #7) back in 2010. Angkor Wat absolutely blew us away and we knew Bagan, another massive collection of temples situated just one-thousand short miles from Angkor Wat in Southeast Asia, would potentially stack up to be equally wondrous.

Last year, in early September, we took a break one afternoon from planning out the AV Trip in Chicago and caught a screening of the epic non-narrative film Samsara. The film contained several incredible scenes from Bagan, which left us dying to arrive and see this magical landscape with our own eyes.

[Don't miss the incredible video we were able to put together from our visit and why Bagan might not be AV #15 forever]

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Dusty Orange Sunset – Bagan, Myanmar


AV Trip Photo – Dusty Orange Sunset – Bagan, Myanmar

It was nearly dusk, and it was certainly dusty. It was our last night in Bagan and we were experiencing our third golden orange sunset. As the sun drifted off into a cloud of dust in the distance it created an orange ambiance, a mood, and a feeling of mystery surrounded the pagoda we stood tall on.

The vastness which makes Bagan … well, Bagan can be seen in this photo. Looking through my narrowly focused lens you can see just how many buildings stand in the distance. And this is in only one direction. Bagan is an amazing place that is nearly impossible to see. Instead you can only hope to experience it as we did on this very evening.

Dusty Orange Sunset - Bagan, Myanmar

AV Trip Blog – Shwedagon Pagoda Visit – AV #56


Shwedagon Pagoda Visit, AV #56

Night Time Pagoda

The Shwedagon Pagoda (AV #56) has been a long awaited destination for me. Ever since I read about the Pagoda a few years ago and saw some pictures of it, for some reason, I knew it would be special. Embarrassingly enough, I even had a chant for it for a while, “Shwedagon, Shwedagon, Shwedagon Stupa!”

[Don't miss the fun video of our visit that will certainly bring the stupa to life and keep your ears ringing for days!]

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Fancy Steps – Shwezigon Pagoda – Bagan, Myanmar


AV Trip Photo – Fancy Steps – Shwezigon Pagoda – Bagan, Myanmar

While this temple does little in terms of representing Bagan for us, it was a welcome departure from the monotony of viewing hundreds of red brick buildings. Its golden exterior appeared very over the top after viewing the more modest pagodas nearby.

As the sun set behind us, the pagoda’s golden exterior lit up with the warm light beaming in. All it took was a quick point of the camera to capture all it’s beauty.

Fancy Steps - Shwezigon Pagoda - Bagan, Myanmar

Pink Lady Rowing – Inle Lake, Myanmar


AV Trip Photo – Pink Lady Rowing – Inle Lake, Myanmar

I love the vibrance of this photo … and its real. As we motored into a stilted village within Inle Lake, this lady dressed in a vibrant pink shirt rowed through the deep green foliage in the water and right past us.

Look closely. You will see that she is actually perched on the very front of the boat and she is carrying some type of grain or rice. She is wearing a traditional Myanmar hat and also is wearing traditional Myanmar make-up which acts as sunscreen. Look a little deeper into the photo on the left and you’ll see one of the houses in the village up on stilts.

Inle Lake is an incredible experience and should not be missed on YOUR trip to Myanmar – get there!

Pink Lady Rowing - Inle Lake, Myanmar

Sunrise Searching – Inle Lake, Myanmar


AV Trip Photo – Sunrise Searching – Inle Lake, Myanmar

We passed lots of local fisherman on our misty sunrise cruise across Inle Lake in Myanmar. Each was going through their normal morning routine as we sped by on our gas powered boat. The whole scene felt a bit lost in time, with their traditional attire and unindustrialized methods.

Sunrise Searching - Inle Lake, Myanmar

Buddhist Scenes at Shwedagon Pagoda – Yangon, Myanmar


AV Trip Photo – Buddhist Scenes at Shwedagon Pagoda – Yangon, Myanmar

When I first researched and learned about Shwedagon Pagoda, I knew it as a large golden Stupa standing in the middle of a square. Boy was I wrong! There is so much more to Shwedagon Pagoda than only the Stupa. In fact, I would say the majority of what you see and what I found to be fascinating was around the Stupa and not the Stupa itself.

So, we have today’s photo, a buddhist scene made up of various statues, burning incents, a buddha statue, and flowers. This scene is lovely and actually drew me in quite a bit before I took it. There is so much to look at here from the various vivid colors to the facial expressions of each statue. Adding a sense of mystery to it all is just enough smoke from the incents. So whats missing? That’s right, the Stupa.

Buddhist Scenes at Shwedagon Pagoda - Yangon, Myanmar
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