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The Colorful Cathedral – St Basils – Moscow, Russia


Photo of the Day – The Colorful Cathedral – St Basils – Moscow, Russia

St. Basils Cathedral is one of the most iconic Cathedrals in the World. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it is one of the most iconic buildings in the World, period.

What makes the Cathedral eye-catching and iconic are its 9 unique and colorful onion domes. These domes represent the 9 chapels within the Cathedral itself. While the exterior is unique and colorfully chaotic, the interior was a bit dull in my eyes. Perhaps it was seeing the outside and then going inside, but how many of you have ever seen a photo of the interior of St. Basils? Now, don’t get me wrong, the interior is interesting in its own way. I find most things that are over 400 years old somewhat fascinating, but it pales in comparison to the exterior.

The Colorful Cathedral - St Basils - Moscow, Russia

Sharp Onion Domes – Saint Basil’s Cathedral – Moscow, Russia


Photo of the Day – Sharp Onion Domes – Saint Basil’s Cathedral – Moscow, Russia

Saint Basil’s Cathedral is one of the few buildings on the planet that can sit dead smack in the middle of a crowded parking lot and still make a list of the top places to visit in the world. It’s for good reason indeed. When you cut through all of the noisy surroundings and focus on the cathedral, the beautifully ornate and colorful onion domes light up your insides and transform your mind into a cool state of tranquility.

Sharp Onion Domes - Saint Basils Cathedral - Moscow, Russia

Mystery Photo – Stairway to Heaven


Photo of the Day – Mystery Photo – Stairway to Heaven

The previous three Mystery Photos (here, here and here) have all been guessed correctly by the same person (Mike Rubenstein) within several hours of us posting the photos on AbsoluteVisit. This week we are going to kick the difficulty up a couple of notches. Not only will the photo be much more challenging, but going forward we are only going to accept one guess per person and no incremental clues will be given by us in the comments. We will announce the correct answer and the winner the following day. Good luck!

Where was this photo taken?

Mystery Photo - Stairway to Heaven

Early Morning Shopping in Red Square – Moscow, Russia


Photo of the Day – Early Morning Shopping in Red Square – Moscow, Russia

After pulling an all-nighter in Moscow, we decided to get out on to Red Square for some clear shots of St. Basils and Red Square. During this shoot, I saw this shot which was taken looking opposite from St. Basils Cathedral. Some times there are some amazing scenes right behind you (look around!).

This photo feels very much like an early weekend morning (in this case a Sunday) with only a few people out and the sun trying its hardest to rise above even the lowest of buildings. The shimmer and glisten of the water on the streets would usually tell you that it rained the previous night – but in this case, the water is from Moscow’s street cleaners.

So, why on earth did I title this “Early Morning Shopping in Red Square”? Well, the building on the far-left is the Glavnyi Universalnyi Magazin or GUM (pronounced ‘goom’). It means “Main Universal Store” and is a high-end shopping mall that acts as one of the borders to Red Square. Although we did not go inside, its facade is beautiful.

Early Morning Shopping in Red Square - Moscow, Russia

Golden Kremlin Domes – The Kremlin, Moscow, Russia


Photo of the Day – Golden Kremlin Domes – The Kremlin, Moscow, Russia

Inside the Kremlin Walls there are 3 different Cathedrals – Cathedral of the Dormition (1479), Cathedral of the Annunciation (1489), and Cathedral of the Archangel Michael (1508). Specifically what you are looking at are domes from the Cathedral of Dormition.

I suppose what I really like about these domes is that they are unique and of course beautiful to look at. Other than in Russia, I have never seen this architectural style.

Where else does this architecture exist?

Golden Kremlin Domes - The Kremlin, Moscow, Russia

Kremlin over the Moscow River – Moscow, Russia


Photo of the Day – Kremlin over the Moscow River – Moscow, Russia

The weather in Moscow during our trip was nothing short of fantastic. We had incredible sunny days with perfect clouds that seemed to float just into the perfect positions for photos. From the Bol’shoy Moskvoretskiy Most (that’s a bridge :) ), I nabbed this photo of The Kremlin (AbsoluteVisit #50).

In fact, its not even the entire Kremlin. What you see along the river bank is part of The Kremlin wall with its many towers followed by a lush green garden. Behind that you see the armory and several of the Cathedrals including Ivan the Greats Bell Tower (the tallest golden topped tower).

Also in this photo, you can see ‘New Moscow’, a cluster of sky-scrapers in the far left of the photo. This section of the city is very far away so don’t be fooled by the photo – those are real sky scrapers!

Kremlin over the Moscow River - Moscow, Russia

The Moscow Kremlin at Night – Moscow, Russia


Back Home in the Good Ol’ USA

After three long flights (Dubai to Cairo to NYC to San Francisco – almost 20 hours of flying) Will and I find ourselves sitting in a Starbucks outside of San Francisco, just several minutes away from getting back to the daily grind at our current technology consulting jobs. We had an absolute blast traveling over the last 10 days and we hope that you had fun following us through Russia and Dubai. While this trip is over, there are many more trips planned and we look forward to sharing those with soon!

Speaking of trips, Will and I are always looking for exciting travel destinations. If you have been to a particularly amazing place that you think we absolutely (pun intended) need to check out, please share your travel experience with us so we can make plans to check it out!

Photo of the Day – The Moscow Kremlin at Night – Moscow, Russia

On our last night in Moscow, Will and I strapped on all of our camera gear and hit the streets in search of some great pictures that would show what Moscow looks like under the dark sky. Our adventure took us first through the Moscow Subway as Will described yesterday. After exploring several magnificent subway platforms we took what had to be the world’s longest escalator back up to street level and started walking back towards the AbsoluteVisit #50 – The Moscow Kremlin and our hotel.

Our walk led us down the Moscow River where we found several bridges that we were able to walk across and get great views of the Kremlin brightly lit up at night. Here is my favorite picture that I was able to take from the bridges. You can even see the top of AbsoluteVisit #45 – St Basils Cathedral.

The Moscow Kremlin at Night - Moscow, Russia

The Subway State Room of Moscows Subway – Moscow, Russia


Photo of the Day – The Subway State Room of Moscows Subway – Moscow, Russia

I remember seeing some type of TV special on the Moscow subway stations a while back and was reminded of them while researching our recent trip to Moscow. Fortunately, Brad and I found just enough time to quickly try to capture 3 of Moscow’s most beautiful subway stations.

Inside the stations it often felt like Brad and I were on a top secret mission as we were consistently badgered by subway police. I can’t say that I blame them as setting up multiple tripods in the midst of an extremely busy subway station is probably not the safest.

At any rate, Brad and I were able to capture the scene quite well which brings us to today’s photo. I called this ‘The Subway State Room’ as it looks much more like a Palace State Room than a subway! The station includes incredible carved mosaic boarders, intricate mosaics and royalty sized chandeliers.

The Subway State Room of Moscows Subway - Moscow, Russia

Photographing St Basils Cathedral – Moscow, Russia


Photo of the Day – Photographing St Basils Cathedral – Moscow, Russia

We have been on whirlwind tour to conquer Moscow with only 36 hours total in the city over the course of 1 day and 2 nights. To do that, there was no messing around – it was straight to a few of the most hard-core photo walks Brad and I have ever done … and it was a blast!

After pulling our second all-nighter in 3 days, our first stop was Red Square where among several other epically proportioned buildings sits AbsoluteVisit #45, St. Basil’s Cathedral. What makes the Cathedral special is the extremely unique architecture of its onion domes topped with vibrant colors making the tops seem to float on its otherwise dull brick base.

Today’s photo shows off not only St. Basil’s itself, but also Brad in full photography mode. I am shooting this on a tripod while Brad has both his tripod and a second camera with a different lens in use. With a total of 4 camera’s in action, it was one of the ways we turned this 36 hours into an amazing photography adventure.

Photographing St Basils Cathedral - Moscow, Russia

Moscow State University Reflection – Moscow, Russia


Photo of the Day – Moscow State University Reflection – Moscow, Russia

Our first live photo of the day from Moscow! We somehow managed to pull our second all-nighter in the last three days last night. Our new Moscow friends took us up to the top of a nearby hill to get a morning sunrise view of Moscow. The view of Moscow was great, but the real find was this absolutely HUGE university building.

We’re off to go tour the Kremlin in a few minutes. Having a blast!

Moscow State University Reflection - Moscow, Russia
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