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Every Toilet I Used Over 10 Days in Laos


Life on the road is more than just sunrises and sunsets

This feature certainly deviates from the normal inspirational fluff, but sometimes you have to mix things up a little bit. The beautiful photos and videos we post only paint half of the picture of our current life on the road. When we find free time in between visiting AV’s, we’re going to try to do our best to share a little bit of the otherside of traveling around the world for two years.

What better way to start showing you life behind the scenes than to show you pictures of a bunch of funky toilets!

Now we didn’t want to just throw up a couple of random gross toilets we met along the way – we’re far too analytical for that (both of us are former engineers). Our carefully planned out experiment consisted of me (Brad) taking a picture of every single toilet that I used over the 10 days we spent in Laos.

I didn’t seek out nasty porceline to freak you out, nor did I avoid clean western toilets. Whatever toilet I was naturally destined for, I did my business and took a photo. Sometimes it was a quick #1, sometimes it was a longer #2. I tried to always keep the focus on the real stars – the toilets – so all pictures were taken prior to my disturbance.

After traveling to over 50 countries, including several that are more “developing” (I think that is the politically correct term my generation is using to replace the old “third-world” designation), nasty toilets no longer stand out as odd to me. I am used to them and they don’t bother me the slightest. I’m guessing they don’t bother the locals either.

What did surprise me about all of these toilet pictures is that there are only 13 of them. I spent 10 days in a country and only used 13 toilets? Is it me or does that just seem incredibly low?

Does anyone want to guess the number of toilets I’ll use over 5 days in Cambodia? 10 days in the Phillipines? 10 days in Indoneisa? There’s a lot of free time on this two-year adventure and I certainly don’t mind tracking these types of stats if someone is interested :)

Enjoy scrolling down through the rest of the toilets. Hopefully nobody is looking over your shoulder as you do. The safest place to enjoy this post is probably from the comfort of your 2pm post-lunch, corporate bathroom break.

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